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Elvis was my first favorite singer, and one of my first celebrity…

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Elvis was my first favorite singer, and one of my first celebrity crushes as a child. Yeah, he died three years before I was born, but I have an old soul. My cat's name is Presley. I thought about getting married at the wedding chapel at Graceland - until I went to see it and found out it was a storage trailer that they stuck some flowers into. Suffice it to say I'm a fan. Heh.

However, the stories and movies about him make my heart hurt. He had a pretty troubled life, you know.

When I turned on the TV tonight, the movie adaptation of Priscilla's book "Elvis and Me" was on - I read the book years ago but I've never watched the movie because I hate movies about real people where the actors either a) are really bad actors, b) don't look anything LIKE that person, or c) both. But, I watched it anyway, and I realize now that being pregnant and hormonal and emotional, I should avoid things like this in the future.

I wonder if Priscilla ever wonders what might've happened if she'd gone back to him, if he'd still be alive today... but then again, I know from personal experience that you can't save someone who won't save themselves.

Poor E. You've got to admit he was unique.
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